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Indoor Gardening Supplies

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Gardening Supplies
Sprayers & WandsSprayers & WandsWater sprayers, wands and other watering tools for your indoor garden. Pests and Disease ControlPests and Disease ControlPest and disease can be the most troubling part of your gardening experience. We have many great products to rid your self of spider mites, fungus gnats, and powdery mildew for a happier more fruitful garden. Pots & ContainersPots & ContainersPots and containers for your indoor garden. Including Premium Nursery Pots, Root Makers and Smart Pots!
Growing MediaGrowing MediaRock Wool, Coco Coir, Sunshine Mix 4, Perlite and Fox Farm Ocean forest are just a few of the popular growing mediums we carry. Plant SupportPlant SupportPlant stakes and trellis netting to support your fruit and flower laden branches, so that you dont have to worry about limbs breaking.
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