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It is important to us to supply you with the best products on the market!  Listed below are the top brands in the hydroponic and indoor garden industry, click on the one you want to view all products for that brand.


If you want products that accelerate growth, protect crops, save money, and increase harvest size and profitability, you need Advanced Nutrients.



The Botanicare line of nutrients and supplements include every product that any hydrogardener would need. The line includes organic and bio-organic plant foods, supplements, as well as soilless grow substrates.


Hortilux Schréder is the specialist in supplemental lighting systems for the horticultural industry. Hortilux has a complete range of reflectors and light fittings, experienced people and extensive research and production facilities.


Test data has shown that a 600 watt Lumatek digital ballast produces only 5% less usable light than a 1000 watt "core and coil" ballast. It even uses less electricity than the old style "core and coil" 600 watt ballast. The Digital Revolution is here!


Sunlight Supply, Inc. is a manufacturer of H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) and Fluorescent light fixtures for horticultural applications. Our product line includes a varied offering of ballasts and reflectors to fit our customer's needs. We offer a complete line of standard and Horticultural specific H.P.S. (High Pressure Sodium) and M.H. (Metal Halide) lamps.


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