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Reference Materials and Guides

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Technical Information Guide

DownloadDownloadSetup and user information for ballasts, reflectors, and fluorescent fixtures, troubleshooting, and power cost estimation guide.

Supplemental Lighting for Indoor or Greenhouse Gardening

DownloadDownloadBasic information on the reasons for using supplemental lighting. Includes detailed explanation of different types of lighting (fluorescents, high wattage, incandescent), recommended coverage areas, and photosynthesis.

FAQ - Horticultural Lighting

DownloadDownloadFrequently asked questions about lighting, including high intensity discharge, Color Rendering Index, environmental impact, lighting systems specifications, and information about Sun System® lighting fixtures.

Quick Reference / Conversions

DownloadDownloadConversion charts (gallon, cup, tablespoon, liter, lighting), definitions and abbreviations, temperature conversions, watts and amps, PPM to EC conversion, and beneficial/destructive insects.

Glossary of Horticultural Terms

Power Cost Estimation Guide

DownloadDownloadUse this handy guide to figure out the cost of using various watt fixtures.


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