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Nutrients & pH Solutions

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Top BrandsTop BrandsTop brand nutrients companies like Advanced Nutrients, General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Fox Farm and House & Garden OrganicsOrganicsOrganic Nutrients and supplements have many benefits including better taste, quality and essential oil production. All without having to worry about salt buildup that is common with synthetics. Popular AdditivesPopular AdditivesThese Popular additives are our most sought after nutrient boosters. You can rest assured that any one of these popular additives will greatly increase your harvests.
Foliar SpraysFoliar SpraysFoliar Sprays are like injecting the precious life giving nutrients your plants need right to where they need them, in the leaves the fuel system for fruiting and flowering. Water TreatmentWater TreatmentWater treatment for an optimal rootzone. pH/EC/TDS MeterspH/EC/TDS MetersPh EC PPM and TDS meters to make sure that your nutrients solution is just how your plants like it.
pH Up & DownpH Up & DownpH Up & pH Down water treatment to correct any pH imbalances. Measuring ToolsMeasuring ToolsMeasuring Tools such as measuring cups, syringes and shot glasses to accurately measure out the proper amount of nutrients.
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