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Combination Temp, pH, & EC/TDS/PPM Meters & Replacement Probes

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pH/EC/TDS Meters

pH/EC/TDS Meters & Solutions

EC/TDS/PPM MetersEC/TDS/PPM MetersEC, TDS, and PPM meters are one of the best ways to make sure that your plants don't get nutrient burn or deficiencies. pH MeterspH MeterspH meters to accurately measure nutrient pH. Remember pH in Hydroponics should be between 5.5- 6.5 and 6-7 for Soil Cleaning & Calibration SolutionCleaning & Calibration SolutionCleaning and calibration solutions for your pH EC TDS and PPM testers. Combination MetersCombination MetersCombination meters and Tri-meters to measure EC PPM pH and Temperature all in one.
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